Is your Christmas Shopping Done and Dusted?

Well mine isn't! 

Is it just me or are you finding it increasingly difficult to find the right Christmas presents for your lot this year?

The grandkids have toyboxes full of the usual goodies, older kids don’t seem happy with anything under $100’s of dollars and the adults in my life seem to have everything they need – and order it online as soon as they want it …….

It seems each year we have less and less to spend on gifts and the needs and wants of our giftees go up and up.  It’s a vicious cycle.

But …. I have the perfect solution for all of us time poor, gift-idea exhausted, present buying people. You won’t be fighting the throngs of people in the big shopping centres and you will be supporting local businesses … so a win win.

Come up to Montville for the day (or overnight :-) ) and you will find a gift for every single person you have to buy for.  I guarantee there is something for absolutely everyone in our main street. I know that sounds a bit “salesy” and “I’ve heard that one before”, but trust me the enormous variety of shops and products is incredible.

Just across the road from us at Montville Mountain Inn there are 11 shops, two cafes/restaurants and a gelato shop! And that is just the beginning.  These shops include: kitchen and cooking gift ware, menswear, soaps and other really nice smelly stuff, glass ware (the original hand-blown type), chocolates, bamboo clothing, shoes and handbags, jewellery and accessories, landscape photographic art, home decorating giftware, children’s toys and candles and other really nice scented products …. Just to name a few.

Here are just a few ideas of where you can buy the gifts for your friends and family.

·       For babies and kids of all ages there is Amazen Toys and Puzzles, Made in Grandads Shed, Montville Fun and Games and Elle’s Kids & Co.  These shops are full of things that you won’t find in the mass produced plastic aisles of the big retailers.  

·       For the surly (or not so surly teenager) the best shops I recommend are again Amazen Toys and Puzzles, Amari Leather Shop, Venus Calling (girls), Cadman Cottage, Rare of Montville, Chic & Sassy (girls) and Makersville.

·       Young adults gifts can be bought at The Dressing Room Of Montville, Verde of Montville, Makersville, Belle Beauty and Fragrance, Amazen Toys and Puzzles and Montville Soap Co.

·       Mum and Grandma are the easy ones to buy for, because they tell you they love everything!  But this year why not buy them something different from Expressions of Interest (Kitchen and Cooking giftware), Makersville, Jellyfish 1770, Tamborine Tea Montville, Flair for Fashion, Verde of Montville, The Candle Shoppe, The Dressing Room of Montville or Chic & Sassy.

·       Dad and Grandpa are the hard ones to buy for – but not in Montville.  Check out The Ant Shop Bamboo clothing, Montville Woods, Travelers Treasure, Makersville, Rare of Montville, Amazen, Mason’s Wines (yes please), Buderim Ginger Shoppe or Castle Glen Liqueurs.

·       Those who like things a little different are catered for as well. Try shopping in Illume Creations, Makersville, Rare of Montville, Venus Calling, Inside India, Cadman Cottage, The Hemp Shop, The Cuckoo Clock Shop or Matoomba Clothes and Gifts.

·       For something a little more substantial you could try Ben Messina Landscape Photography, Montville Art Gallery, Laurisha Jewellery and Art Gallery or the Opal Cutter.

·       To suit everyone you can't go past Fudgyboombahs Fudge Shop, Monty’s of Montville, Chocolate Country, Montville Soap Co, The Candle Shoppe, Tamborine Tea Montville or Montville Chocolate Patiserrie. 

Of course there are a whole lot more shops in our main street so why not plan your trip to Montville soon.

(Oh and by the way, the writer unfortunately received no compensation, money, food or otherwise for mentioning these shops. Lol)