What is the number one thing to do in Montville as rated by Tripadvisor?

Well it is the same place that we get asked about the most ........ and that is Kondalilla Falls.

I’m not going to go on and on about how spectacular the scenery is and how amazing the walk to Picnic Creek, the rock pool and the bottom of the falls are, because you can read about that anywhere (but mind you it is absolutely amazing).  What I’d like to do here is give you a quick summary of what you can expect on each of the walks.

There are four walks that start on the same path from the picnic area near the car park.  The easiest, but my no means, the least spectacular is the Picnic Creek Circuit.  This is about 1.7km and is an easy walk for all fitness levels.  There is some beautiful rainforest, a picturesque bridge over a babbling brook and a little water fall.  Very nice, very easy and well worth doing.

Most popular spot in Montville

If you continue on the path you will come across another track that leads down to the bottom of the falls.  You won’t miss it because of the steep steps you will see.  You can take that path or continue on the original one for about 300m and that will take you down to the rock pool.  The rock pool has awesome views to the mountains. It is a great picnic spot and a very popular swimming hole.  You can swim up under the waterfall.  You take the same path back to the car park.

If you decide to take the decent down the 150 steps you definitely won’t be disappointed (and you won’t miss out on the rock pool because you complete the circuit by passing it on your way back). You will have full views of the 90m waterfall and when you reach the bottom, you will see gigantic moss covered boulders and towering trees reaching toward the sun.  It feels like you are a million miles away from everywhere.  This track is 4.7km in length.

Follow the track which takes you across the bridge and up the other side of the escarpment.  It is about 1.5km to the rock pool from here.  You will need a medium level of fitness to complete this circuit. 

Not far from the bottom of the falls and on your way back to the rock pool you will see a fork in the track.  The one that forks off is part of the great walk and it is another 11km from here to Baroon Pocket Dam lookout.  This is a one way track (you will need to walk all the way back or get someone to pick you up at the other end).

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