Russell Family Park

This is my favourite place in Montville (besides Montville Mountain Inn Resort of course!)

Russell Family Park is such an ordinary name (sorry Russell Family) for one of the most beautiful spots in the whole hinterland.  That is a big claim I know, but I have walked around this park so many times and it never gets boring and I see something amazing and beautiful each time.  Every single time I go there I take a whole bunch of photos. 

I walk around the park (at a pretty good pace – I think) for my morning exercise, but you can certainly just wander slowly and take in the lovely scenery.  You will see two spring-fed ponds surrounded by lush vegetation.  There are always water birds on the ponds including ducks, which are so cute.  Lovely water lilies grow in the ponds and on a still day, it is perfect opportunity to take some awesome pics with reflections on the water.

Russell Family Park

Russell family park


The track is 600m around and has wheelchair and pram friendly paths, as well as some serious stairs for the fitness conscious.

There are some covered picnic areas which have tables and chairs and also gas barbecues.  Green grass surrounds the barbecue areas and these areas are the perfect spot for your picnic blanket. A fun kids’ playground and public toilets complete this great outdoor spot.

Russell Family Park can be accessed on foot from the main street, or you can enter from the car park which you drive into at the southern end of Montville (near the Tourist Information Centre).

Don’t take my word for it (because I’m not doing it justice), come and check out Russell Family Park for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed



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