Do You Believe in Supporting Local Australian Owned Businesses?

Then Don’t Just Shop Local, Book Local Too

As a small accommodation business in Australia one of the biggest challenges we face is the number of people booking through third party online platforms, instead of booking directly with us. 

A lot of people pride themselves on buying Australian produce and Australian made products, and supporting Aussie farmers and Australian businesses, but when you book through an online platform, you are in fact, supporting multi billion dollar global companies and sending money out of Australia.  

At Montville Mountain Inn Resort in the month of May alone, just over 80% of all our bookings were through such online platforms.   

Now you might think so what? Well maybe the information below might answer your question. 

  • is probably the biggest of the online booking platforms and was started in 1997 and is now owned by the huge American company The Priceline Group. They take bookings from over 1,200,000 hotels in over 96,000 destinations.   
  • Expedia, Inc. is also an American travel company. They own and operate over 200 booking websites, including,,, trivago,, Travelocity, Orbitz, and HomeAway 

For every night booked through these online platforms they take between 12-20% commission. So when you book with any of these companies you are in reality giving up to 20% of the room price direct to huge global companies, instead of local Aussie business owners.

So, if you’re annoyed at how the price of hotel rooms are increasing – this is the main reason why. Aussie accommodation businesses are having to compensate for the massive chunks of income these big, international companies are taking.

Just how much are they taking from accommodation business owners? The CEO of received over $17million US dollars, in total compensation in 2016, and the founder of Expedia is reportedly worth over $400 million US. In 2016 the Priceline Group (which includes and Agoda) spent $3.5 billion on marketing and Expedia spent $4.3 billion on advertising in the same year.

So next time you go to make a booking at a family owned and run business like Montville Mountain Inn – then we ask you please to make the booking either on our own website or on the phone and book local. 

Other reasons to book direct

Buy local and book local


  • It's important to realise the offers these companies make like free cancellation, no booking fees, book now pay later etc. is exactly what our business offers as well. 
  • We have more power to change your booking details if you book directly with us, as we aren't able to make changes to a booking made through a third-party website. Therefore, our customers get more options when booking direct with us.
  • We aren't able to advertise cheaper prices on our own website, as part of the legal agreement third-party booking sites impose on us.
  • These third-party booking sites partner with travel companies around the world, who then have access to your personal details, without your knowledge. There have also been cases in the past of online hackers stealing this private information. When you book with us, your details stay with us.

In reality these online platforms are here to stay and we can’t afford not to be listed on them, but if you want to keep money in Australia and support local businesses then please next time book direct with us either on our website at  or by phoning us on 5442 9499.