Three Things You Should Know Before You Come To Montville

Three (or four) things you should know before you come to Montville

1.       Arrive early.  Montville is such a great place to spend time and we receive lots of visitors every day and especially on weekends.  Parking can sometimes be hard to find, but not if you arrive before the masses.  Usually up to 10am you can find a nice shady park quickly and easily. (Of course if you are staying with us at Montville Mountain Inn Resort you get free off street parking!)

2.       Wear comfortable shoes.  You will want to see everything and that means you will be wandering Montville’s main street for a few hours.

3.       Bring the whole family (and the neighbours if you have room).  There is something for everyone in Montville.  There are lollies, toys and puzzles and playgrounds for kids.  There are shoe shops, fashion stores, gifts, craft and jewellery for mum.  For dad there is menswear, funny and unusual gift wares, and even a men’s crèche (at the local pub).  Plus there are art galleries, restaurants and cafes ..........

4.       Ok, I said three things, but thought I would add this one.  Most places close down around 4pm.  There are a few that stay open until 5pm, but don’t leave your shopping or afternoon coffee until too late or you might just miss out.


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