There are quite a few options for accommodation in the Montville and Maleny area.  Montville Mountain Inn Resort is always a popular choice because of our location right in the heart of the main street of Montville and because we have 26 rooms to accommodate large numbers of guests.  We are also one of the only places that offer a minimum of one night's accommodation.  You can download this helpful guide about our accommodation for your wedding guests.

There are a lot of weddings held in the hinterland each month.  It is a perfect spot for such a special day.  We have guests stay with us that are attending small intimate weddings and some that are going to huge glamorous weddings and everything in between.  The Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast Website have put together a 60 Wedding Guide that will help you with everything you need to know about planning a wedding in the hinterland.


The Montville Mountain Inn Resort welcomes bookings for wedding guests.  If you have a wedding coming up and need to book rooms for numerous guests, then please keep the following in mind.

  • We offer 12pm check in for your guests if they book directly with us over the phone or on our website (not through etc) and sometimes even earlier if possible.
  • We can also try and put guests attending the same wedding next to or close to their friends and relatives if they book directly with us.
  • We can offer a late checkout (if available and arranged prior to arrival)
  • We work closely with local transport operators, so if your guests need to catch a bus to your wedding it’s great if they are all together in a group. This makes it easier for the bus company and cheaper for you.

All our bookings need to be secured with a credit card.  We don’t recommend that the bride and groom or the family of them use their credit cards for multiple rooms.  It is a good idea to encourage guests to book with us themselves.  We have had occasions in the past where there have been several rooms booked in one name, with one credit card, and at the last minute some guests cancel or don’t turn up.  We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy – so we don’t want you to be caught paying for guests that don’t turn up.

Our website clearly states that the room prices on our website are for two people onlyExtra people are charged at $25 per person per night.

We have 26 rooms at our resort.  Six rooms sleep up to 4 people with one queen bed and 2 singles (remember that the price quoted on website is for 2 people and each extra person is $25 per night).  Eight rooms are twin rooms and have one queen bed and one single and the rest of the rooms have a queen bed only. 

Our resort is right in the heart of Montville so is very popular for wedding guests.  They can park their car and explore the village by foot.  We are right next door to the Montville Café Bar and Grill and right across the road from The Edge Café. We are approximately 150 metres from Wild Rocket and 400 metres from The Chapel and Poets Café.

Please keep in mind that Saturdays are always booked out at our resort – so if you are planning a Saturday wedding – please give your guests advanced notice of the date so they don’t miss out on accommodation.  We are one of the only places in Montville that offers one night bookings.

For more information please call us on (07) 5442 9499 or email